In 2019 we at Kazar celebrate our 40 years anniversary as borzoi breeders. And we are happy to annonce that the jubelee litter is born!

Sept 10th Bela gave birth to 6 healthy and lovely puppies, 3 males and 3 females.Their colours are white with gold markings.

This litter combines so many of the greatest dogs in the Nordic countries. First and foremost we find our wonderful and mostwinning borzoi in Norway Ch Kazar Ural with all his great ancestors. Among them the world winner Ch Blisshound Pinocchio.  Ural has been an important stud dog as well. We will only mention Cubben, Ch Borscana Eurocub. Then you find Ch Tarijemiran Chelestje, also she a world winner and with so many other titles. There is Bela’s gorgeous father Ch Stravi Kind of Magic, a great winner and father to so many succesful borzois. And, he goes back to the one and only Ch Bartina av Fjascho, Best in Show winner at the prestigeous Skokloster Summer Show. Hidalgo’s father Ch Krilat Charadei must also be mentioned. He had an amazing career as well, both in the rings and as a stud dog, with many famous offsprings besides Hidalgo. 

The parents are tested DM free. Bela is also health tested with OFA cert, Chic 139360.



  • TARIJEMIRAN HIDALGO Finnish Champion Estonian Show Champion Latvian Show Champion Lithuanian Show Champion Baltic Show Champion Lithuanian Junior Show Champion Latvian Junior Show Champion Estonian Junior Show Champion Baltic Junior Show Champion Baltic Junior Winner, Lithuania Best In Show Winner at Helsinki all breed Summer Show 2018 Multiple Group Winner. All breeds Best in Show Winner. #1 Borzoi in Finland 2019

  • STRAVI SHE SELLS SANCTUARY Norwegian champion Swedish champion Norwegian Junior Winner -15 S. Best In Show Winner Mostwinning Borzoi in Norway 2014 #1 Borzoi in Norway 2019

  • Zafir, 8w.

  • Zwarovski, 8w.

  • Zamir, 8w.

  • Zarina, 8w.

  • Zawa, 8w.

  • Zakia, 8w.

  • Zafir, 6 weeks.

  • Zwarovski, 6 weeks.

  • Zamir, 6 weeks.

  • Zarina, 6 weeks

  • Zawa, 6weeks.

  • Zakia, 6 weeks.

  • Zafir, 5 weeks

  • Zwarovski, 5 weeks

  • Zamir, 5 weeks

  • Zarina, 5 weeks

  • Zawa, 5 weeks

  • Zakia, 5 weeks

  • Zafir, 4weeks

  • Zwarovski, 4 weeks

  • Zamir, 4 weeks

  • Zarina, 4 weeks

  • Zawa, 4 weeks

  • Zakia, 4 weeks

The Z-litter 1 week.