29.12. Kazar Ulvar went Best Male with CAC and BOB today at Letohallen, Lillestrøm (N) under
judge Antonio Di Lorenzo. This rewarded him the title NORWEGIAN CHAMPION!
Owners: Kari and Alf Myhre.

Ch Kazar Umba

Ch Kazar Umba

02.11. NKK Lillestrøm: Kazar Umba won CAC, BB-2 and became NORWEGIAN CHAMPION today at Norway´s biggest dog show! This happened at her first possible try, only four days after her 2.nd birthday. Congratulations, Kristian Noreng and Umba! Judge: Tula Platan, Finland

29-30.10. Lillestrøm (N).
Kazar Umba: BOS with CAC under judge Matti Luoso, Finland 

Kazar Umba: BOB with CAC under judge Maria Gabriela Veiga, Portugal.
Owner: Kristian Nordeng.

11.10. Kazar Rubine got yet another point last weekend at Wright County K.C. under Karen Dumke. Owner: Melanie Richards, Lythe Knls, USA

20.09. On Sunday 18th Kazar Rubine tolk another point at Rochester Kennel Club in Minnesota under judge Kalen Dumke.

17.09.Kleindöttingen, Switzerland:Kazar Tara (Narusha): CAC, Best Female, BOB and New Swiss Champion! Judge: Mr. Tomasz Kuszyk (Bilans Borzoi, Poland)

Kazar Usinsk and Usalka

Kazar Usinsk and Usalka

03.09. CAC show in Steinkjer (N). Kazar Usalka Best of Breed and Kazar Usinsk Best of Opposit
Sex, both with CAC. Usalka is owned by Kazar and Usinsk by Roar Brurok,
Judge: Eli-Marie Klepp, Norway

19/06-2011 Kazar Ulvar, Oppdal Dog Assosiation CAC, Best of Breed
Judge: Simu, Calin

18.06. Kazar Ulvar, Gauldal Dog Assosiation: CAC, Best of Breed.
Judge : Heinesche, Laurent
Owners: Kari / Alf Myhre

18.07. At the Sighthound Club of Mid Norway today Usalka went BOB with CAC and Ural BOS
with CAC under judge Outi Piisi-Putta from Finland.

25.06. Aarau, Switzerland, CAC show. Kazar Tara won CAC and BOS. 
Judge : Lisbet Mach (CH) 

18.06. Martin and Int Ch Kazar Sveta was in Münich, Germany. She got CAC, CACIB, BOS under judge: Günther Ehrenreich, Austria.

12.06. Kazar Rubine got her second major win this weekend under judge Carol Esterkin at the Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club. Owner. Melanie Richards, knl Lythe, U.S.

12.06. Kazar Ulvar won CAC and BOS at the Norwegian Sighthound Specialty today under judge Bitte Arens, Italy. Owner: Kari og Alf Myhre, Norway.

12.06. Ch Kazar Sveta became an INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!
She was shown in Saarbrücken, Germany, where she received her final CACIB, BOS and also the title "Saarland Winner 2011"
Judge was Elmar Sistermann.
Huge congratulations goes to proud owners Martin and Pierre in Switzerland!

12.06. Kazar Serafima, owner Caryl Dumaine, knl Ravenna, U.S. won her first to points at the Central Iowa Kennel Club show in January. Serafima is a Gazehound Racing Champion.

4-5.05. Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, Ch Kazar Sveta: CAC, BOB. BOG-3. Judge: André van den Broek, Netherlands

28-29.05.  Lyon, France: CAC, CACIB, BOB. Judge: Mr Mattera, France

30.05. Another wonderful show weekend for Kazar Ural and us :-) 
On Saturday at the Dog Festival all breed cac show in Stoeren, Norway, Ural won CAC, BOB, BOG AND BEST IN SHOW-3
Judges: Gunnar Nymann, Denmark and Silvie Desserne, France
On Sunday, at The Norwegian Sighthound assosiation cac show, he won CAC, BOB and Best in Show-2! 
Judges : Des Manton, Ireland and Rui Olivera, Portugal.

14.05. Kazar Rubine went Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex at Indianhead Kennel Club under judge was Elliot Weiss. Owner: Melanie Richards, knl Lythe, Minnesota.

01.05. Kazar Umba was shown in EasterN Norway and won CAC and BOS under judge Ricky Lochs-Romans, Netherlands. Owner: Kristian Noreng, Chillgiants knl.

Our junior male Kazar Ural had a wonderful show weekend in Sundalsøra! About 600 dogs entered each day.

30.04. CAC, BOB, BOG and BEST IN SHOW!
Judges; Tino Pehar, Croatia, Torbjørn Skaar, Sweden and Mia Persson, Sweden

01.05. CAC, BOB, BOG and BEST IN SHOW!
Judge:Torbjørn Skaar (breed) and Claudio De Guiliani, Italy

09.04. Another good win for Swiss Ch K. Sveta! She got the CAC and Res CACIB in Wieselburg, Austria under judge Roland Spörr. Owner: Martin Brügger.

22.03. Swiss Ch. Kazar Sveta won CAC, CACIB and BOS in Munich, Germany last weekend! Judge Andras Korozs, Hungary.

18.02. Kazar Sveta Became Swiss Champion in Friburg!
Owner is Martin Brügger, Switzerland

06.02. Kazar Umba won CAC and BOS at Hellerud, Oslo (N) under Francisco Ruiz Rodriguez, Spain. Owner: Kristian Noreng.

15.01 Yesterday WW-2010 CH Tarijemiran Chelestje was inseminated with sperm from our Kazar Ural. Breeder is Kennel Tarijemiran (Riitta and Tapio Liesko), Finland. For enquiries in English; e-mail tflytstrom@gmail.com.


Ch Kazar Rurik

Ch Kazar Rurik

30.11. Kazar Utkin was shown at a CAC Show in Laval, France last weekend and became BOB Junior and Group 1st Junior! Well done Heather !

30.11. Congratulations to Caryl Dymaine, Ravenna Borzoi in Nebraska U.S. with Kazar Serafima, who in a very short time became a Gazehound Racing Champion! Sera is also already half way towards the title Senior Gazehound Racing Champion.

N,S ch Kazar Rurik won Best of Breed with CAC and CACIB at the Danish Kennel Club show in Copenhagen on Sunday 19th. He then became Danish champion and Copenhagen Winner -2010.
Due to the long journey home, we did not stay for the finals.

Kazar Ural

Kazar Ural

Trondheim Dog Festival in Stoeren (N):
29. August : Ural won CAC, BOB and Group-2 from junior class. 
Rurik BM-2
Tengis BM-3
Judge: Åke Cronander, Sweden

28. August: Rurik went BOB under judge Guido Vandoni, Italy
We did not participate in the Group this day.

26.07. Kazar Umba went BOB and Group First Puppy at Moss og Omegn Hundeklubb (N) last Saturday. This was her first show and a great debut! Judge: Allan Pepper, Canada. Umbas owner is Kristian Noreng, Oslo.

Kazar Ural

Kazar Ural

04.07. The Norwegian Sighthound Club in Trondheim
Kazar Ural was BOB and BEST IN SHOW puppy under judge Arne Foss
Kazar Tengis was BM-2 with CAC and Ch Kazar Rurik Best of Breed. Judge: Barbara R Smith

19-20.06 Ch Kazar Rurik had a great weekend! 
He was shown at two big all breed shows in Oppdal, and the results:
Saturday: BEST IN SHOW (judge:Hans Lethinen: Breed, Group, BIS)
Sunday: BEST IN SHOW-2 (judge: Johan J. Juslin: breed, group. Rodi Hübenthal: BIS

Swiss J CH Kazar Tara

Swiss J CH Kazar Tara

30.05. Ch Kazar Rodina went Best of Breed for Igor Selimovic, Kroatia in Mo i Rana (N). Owner: Kleo Delaveris

22.05. J.uch Kazar Sveta won CAC, BOB and Best in Show-3 at The Sighthound Specialty in Versoix, Switzerland under judge Jean-Louis Grünheid, France. Congratulations Martin!

08-09.05 The two Kazar-girls in Switzerland did well last weekend! In St Gallen, on Saturday the 8th, Kazar Tara won CAC and res CACIB under judge Monica Wall (Sweden). 
On Sunday Kazar Sveta became BOS with CAC and CACIB. Judge: K. Reisinger (Austria).

29.04. At Lythe Borzoi in Minnesota, USA Kazar Rubine gave birth to a litter in the end of January. The sire is SBIS Ch Lythe Grand Illusion.

27.02. J.ch Kazar Tara was shown in Friburg, Switzerland on the 27nd of February. 
She was best female with CAC and CACIB.
Judge: Mr. Houston, Canada. 

02.03. Ch Kazar Rurik became Mostwinning Sighthound no 2, 2009 in Norway!

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