After about 40 years in Trondheim, Mid Norway, Kazar is now situated in Halden ,down south- east.

We started in 1976, when we imported our first bitch Kaznan Farina (Korotai Eezrevika X Ch Romanows Natascha ). She came from Vappu and Pertti Vourenmaa’s well known kennels in Finland. One and a half years later we imported another bitch puppy, Gajanka(Ch Romanow’s Nikolai x Romanow’s Samara), from the same breeders. Then, two years later the male puppy Laskoj (Ch. Kaznan Eriskow x Ch Mumtaz Mahal’s Patrinka) arrived, even he from Kaznan.. The two bitches were both very successful in the show rings. Especially Farina had a long and fantastic career, and quickly gained her title International and Nordic champion. Gajanka made it to Norwegian and Finnish ch. before she at the age of two had an accident that made a stop to further showing.

In May – 79 Farina had her A- litter of 6 puppies, all bitches. The sire was Ch Al Wintar’s Mirjos Vladimir (Ch Wenwil’s Gladiwhisky x ch Maruscka of Golden West). From this very first Kazar litter, two borzois became very well known in the show rings. They were Athena and Anemone. Unfortunately, none of them were bred.

Farina’s second litter was born autumn – 81 and was under our own Laskoj. The B- litter contained 9 puppies, 4+5. Among them was Baranjina, the brood bitch of Keshar, well known for their Chinese crested in the 80’s. In the same litter was also Kazar Ballett. She was sold as a pup, but returned at young age to the breeders and became one of our most winning borzois. She also became the mother of our F- litter

In 1983 it was time for Farina’s third litter. At this time she really had proven her qualities also as a brood-bitch. Now ch Kaznan Dufjek (Romanow’s Marosh x ch Romanow’s Natascha) was chosen as sire to the litter. He was Farina’s half brother. This combination should turn out to be very successful, not only in the show rings, but also give top quality breeding dogs. Two of the C’s gained their champion titles and Nordic Ch Kazar Camelia stayed with us. She became the mother of 13 champions, and has had a tremendous impact on the breed in Norway.

The Kazar D-litter was born in October –83, it was Farina’s fourth and last litter containing six puppies, 4+2. As sire was chosen International and Nordic ch Kaznan Misek (ch Kaznan Jaroslaw x ch Kaznan Gaika) from Finland. In this litter, the most important male so far was born; Kazar Dimitroff. He was sold to Eli Gunneng, who later on started breeding borzois under the name Stravi. Unfortunately this beautiful male had a serious accident as a puppy, which ruined a promising show career. He will, however; not be forgotten because he turned out to become one of Scandinavia’s most important borzoi studs. He is the father of three litters and about ten champions, among them four International ch. The most famous was ch Bartina av Fjascho (Kazar Dimitroff x ch Kazar Emilie). She was Borzoi of the Year in –93, -94, and –96. She was also Borzoi of the Year –94 in Sweden and won Best in Show at the prestigious Skokloster Summer show the same year.

Even though Dimitroff couldn’t compete in the show-rings, he competed well as a stud dog and in –94 he became the most winning borzoi stud in Sweden. He was the first foreign borzoi to accomplish this.
Dimitroff’s brother Dajan was sold to Finland where the Kaznan kennels had a few litters after him.

When Farina finished her work in the puppy room, she got the opportunity to show again as veteran. Among her results was Best in Show Veteran at the Norwegian Kennel Club show in Trondheim. Farina died at the age of thirteen.

Now it was time for her daughter Ch Kazar Camelia to take over, and the E-litter was born in spring –85. There were 8 puppies, 4+4. The father was famous in the show rings;  ch Al-Wintar’s United Astrachan (ch Don Cosackens Nurejev x ch Al-Wintar’s Ni Ni Noblesse). Also he was a Best in Show winner at Skokloster in –88.
Astrachan should turn out to match the Kazar bloodlines very well. Many of his offspring with Camelia have had a great impact to the breed and also fantastic show careers. In the E-litter, five gained their titles, and of course, Kaja; Int and Nordic ch Kazar Eskaja Moscow  was the one who really put Kazar on the map. She became Scandinavia’s most winning borzoi ever. Among all her great winnings, she was dog of the year #6 - all breeds, in Norway –90, and to our knowledge, no borzoi has match that result up well into the 2000s.

From the E- litter came Kazar Emilie who was a foundation bitch at Bjarte Lien’s Fjascho Kennels. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and gave fantastic puppies there, among them the previously mentioned ch Bartina av F.

In the autumn of –85 Ballett had her F- litter with Astrachan. They had six puppies, 1+5. The male turned out to be the most important in this litter. He was ch. K. Farkai and was sold to Marit Henriksen, Romani kennels. He became the father of three litters there and one in Sweden, and several gained their titles.

After evaluating the result of the E-litter, we decided to repeat  the combination in –87. From this litter Kazar Goronja stayed home. She wasn’t the most glamorous puppy, but as her foremothers, she showed her qualities as a brood bitch. The most successful one in the show rings was Int and Nordic ch , BIS winner Kazar Gaika. She was borzoi of the year in –89 and sighthound of the year # 3. She also became foundation bitch at Rosco’s and had two lovely litters in which at least 8 gained their titles.

All in all Camelia had five litters and her H and I – litters were both after ch Al-Wintar’s Tajymyr (ch. Fivas Arioz x ch Al-Wintar’s Ni Ni Noblesse). In the two litters there were all together 8 puppies, and 3 became champions.
Kazar Irina was the one who continued the successful traditions of the Kazar borzois in the show rings. Irina became the fourth International and Nordic champion from our breeding. She was a Best in Show winner, all breeds and Irina became the foundation bitch of Norcastle kennels. Best in show winner at the borzoi club of Sweden at Skokloster; ch N. Non Plus Ultra is her most famous pup.

Camelias last litter was born in –91. The father was ch Tzartaig Rostov Na Danu (ch. Yablonaja Boleck x ch. Fivas Fusjenka) and contained one male and four bitches. Camelia produced champion even here; Jelena and Jolin. Jolin became the foundation bitch at Winner’s, owned by Jytte Christiansen in Denmark. She became the mother of 4 champions in a litter sired by a Stravi male with mainly Kazar blood in his veins. A third bitch in the J- litter was sold to Helle Larsen, who was engaged in breeding borzois for a short while.
In the spring of –91 Eskaja finally took a break from the show career to become the mother of our K-litter. She had 7 puppies, 3+4. Even this litter was sired by Rostov. Kampala ..quickly gained her title and was on the Top Ten lists for some years.

In –98 Eskaja died at the age of 13 ½ and the empty space she left was enormous. For, in addition to be strikingly beautiful and give us so much joy in the rings, she was the most outstanding family companion imaginable.

Goronja, who was from the same combination as Eskaja, showed out to have much better qualities as a brood bitch than her sister. Mated to Int ch. Boris av Fjascho (Kazar Dimitroff x ch. Kazar Emilie) she delivered 9 puppies in the L-litter in –92. Among these 4 gained their titles. The most impressive must have been Int, Nordic and Danish ch Kazar Litvinova. She became Borzoi of the Year in –95, and also Sighthound of theYear # 3. Her flashy brother Nordic ch Laruschin sired a very successful litter in Finland by Int ch Iljanas Demjana.

Two years later Goronja had her second litter. This time she was mated to Int, Nordic and Japanese ch Timirinjas Birkovitch. From this litter came the striking K. Milak who in just a few shows became the Mostwinning Male of the Year –96 in Norway. Unfortunately, his show career  stopped when he at an much too early age passed away.
Goronja died 13 years of age, in good shape until her last days.

In –96 was the N-litter born. Litvinova was breed to ch Stravi Vadim ( ch Electro’s Russian Zahra x ch Kaznan Udalka) and gave birth to three puppies, 2+1. Nathalie gained her title in-98 and became most winning borzoi # 3 the same year. Her brother Nikitin also gained his title a little later.

In the winter of –99, after having failed twice to have a litter after Litvinova and a Canadian import to Sweden, Int, Nordic and Can  ch Sea bury - JAY Egoist ( Chris), we had a fantastic offer. His owner Monika Willman of Zimistraja kennels wanted us to borrow one of her beautiful bitches , ch Borscana Lucky Strike, bred to Chris. We happily accepted this generous offer from Monika and the result was ten extremely nice puppies, born in February –00. In 2002 three became champions,- Opus, Olympia and Oberon. Olympia didn’t stop there, but became the Borzoi of the Year - at the age of two!. Her brother Opus was most winning male #6

In the spring of –01 ch K. Melissa was also mated to Chris. This gave the P-litter with only two puppies 1+1. Ch Kazar Petruscka was last year’s most winning borzoi # 3,

In the middle of April 2004 Nathalie was bred to ch Stravi Red Cloud, and produced 3 lovely puppies, our Q-litter.
As we this year celebrate our 26th anniversary as borzoi breeders, we hope for yet another high quality litter in 2005. The Dam will be Kazar Olympia, the Sire is not yet decided.

Trondheim, Spring 2005
  Kazar Borzoi
  Ole Terje Hovland and Nils Erik Ness

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