Kazar Qasida (Owner K.Kristiansen) went Best of Breed and Kazar Rurik BOS, both with CAC at The Sighthound Club Show in Støren. Judge Tino Pehar, Croatia

Kazar Rurik went Best of Breed (from junior class) and Kazar Qasida Best of opposite, both with CAC at The Dog Festival in Støren. Judge Åke Cronander, Sweden

07.07. Kazar Rimskij went WD/BW and Best in Breed with 1 point at Greater Venice Dog Club, Florida. Owners: Violet and Reidar Sorensen

09-10.06: Kazar Rimskij entered four shows in Orlando, Florida and won 4xBest of Breed, 1xBest in Hound Group and 2XBest in Hound Grup 3. He also achived the IABCA title: International Champion (inofficial titlein U.S.),- all at the age of 10 months.

24.05. Kazar Rurik was Best of Breed with CAC at the Norwegian Kennel Club Show in Trondheim (N). Judge Per Lundstrøm, Sweden

23.05. Kazar Rurik made his debut among the grownups at 10 months and won CAC and Best male 2 at The Norwegian Sighthound Club Show in Trondheim. Judge Rudi Brandt, Denmark

20.05. Kazar Rodina won CAC, BOB and Group-3 at Mo (N), Only 9 month and 2 days old! Owner Kleo Delaveris.

Judge: Rosemary Cabion, South Africa

25.03. Kazar Rurik went BEST IN SHOW at an all breed puppy show in Skaun, (N) 104 entries

Judge: Mette Tufte

04.03. Kazar Rurik was BOB and BOG-2 at an all breed puppy show in Trondheim(N)

Judge: Siv Sandø


BIS, Ch Kazar Oleg was Mostwinning Borzoi no 3, 2006 in Norway.

Congratulations Susanne Strøm, Knl Steppdance!


11.11. Orkanger (N)

BOB,BOG-5: Ch Kazar Oleg (Owner: S.Strøm)

BOS, CAC: Kazar Qasida (Owner: K. Kristiansen)

Judge: Benny Blid

27.08. Trondheim Dog Festival (N)

BOB: Ch Kazar Oleg.

Judge: Lilliane de Ridder Onghena

26.08 Trondheim Dog Festival (N)

BOB: Ch Kazar Oleg

BOS, CAC: Kazar Qasida

Judge: Karen Ashe

20.08 Vefsn (N)

BOB, BOG-2: Ch Kazar Oleg

Judge: Blaz Karcic

12.08. NKC, Oslo (N)

BOB, CACIB, N.W-06: Ch Kazar Oleg


02.07. Another great weekend for Kazar!

Norwegian Sighthound Club, Trondheim (N)

Int, Nordic Ch Kazar Olympia: BOB, Best in Show-2.

Ch Kazar Oleg: BOS

Olympia had won the Group the day before at NKC and entered the BIS-final later in the afternoon. There she went all the way and won BEST IN SHOW !

(more than 2000 dogs had entered)


Ch Kazar Petrusjka

Ch Kazar Petrusjka

01.07. NKC show, Trondheim (N):

BOB, BOG: Int, Nordic Ch Kazar Olympia

BB-2, CACIB: Ch Kazar Petrusjka (Owner: Gro Skagseth)

BM-2, CAC, New Champion: Kazar Qadir.


Kazar Qadir

Kazar Qadir

25.06. Ch Kazar Oleg was Best in Show at Oppdal Dog Club’s annual show. Judges: Arne Foss and Rita Kadike-Skadina. (Owner: S. Strøm)

BM-2, CAC: Kazar Qadir

24.06. Ch Kazar Oleg went BOB ond BOG-3 at Oppdal (N).

BM-2, CAC: Kazar Qadir

Judge: Kirsti Lummelampi


Ch Kazar Oleg - Ch Kazar Olympia

Ch Kazar Oleg - Ch Kazar Olympia

27.02 Int, Nordic Ch Kazar Olympia became the top winning Borzoi on the ”Sighthound of the Year 2005” list. Her brother, N.Ch  Kazar Oleg (owner: S. Strøm) was no 2 and best male.

On the Borzoi Comity’s list “Borzoi of the Year 2005 Olympia placed as no 2 (only points from the breed are counted here). On this list Ira was beaten with two small points by her half sister  Ch Le Sphinx Philippa.


12.11. Orkdal Dog Club: BOB, BOG-4 Ch Kazar Oleg (Owner: Susanne Strøm).

 BOS, CAC: Kazar Qasida (Owner: Kristjana Kristiansen).

Judge: Terry Thorn.


Kazar Orion is cover borzoi on the last issue of ”Hondenmanieren”, the largest dog magazine in Holland!


27-28.08. Int, Nordic Ch Kazar Olympia was BOB and Best of Group-3 both days at the Dog Festival in Trondheim (N). Judges: Nenne Runsten and Rita van Meechelen.

Ira is for the time being out of coat. Both judges commented on that. But as Nenne Runsten said; “then one sees how beautiful she is..”


25.06. Norwegian Sighthound Club, Trøndelag (N), judge: Vlastislav Voitek

Ch Kazar Oleg: BOB, BIS-4 (Owner: Susanne Strøm)

Kazar Qadir: CAC, BM-2 (from junior cl)

Ch Kazar Petrusjka: BOS (Owner: Gro Skagseth)

Int, Nordic Ch Kazar Olympia: BB-2

BEST IN SHOW breeder group: Kazar

(Breeder groups were  judged by Iveta and Vlastislav Voitek together)

26.05 NKC show in Trondheim (N), judge: Agnes Ganami Kertes.

BOB: Ch Kazar Oleg

BOS: Int, Nordic Ch Kazar Olympia


11.06 Ch Kazar Olympia was BOB at the NKC show in Drammen (N) under Nils Molin.

12.06 CH Kazar Olympia went BOS, Danish and International Champion at DKC show in Hillerød, Copenhagen! Judge: Åke Sjøstrøm.


What a weekend!

18.05.Int.and Nordic Ch Kazar Olympia was BEST IN SHOW at an all breed show in Oppdal (N).

Judges: Arne Foss and Kresten Scheel

19.05. Int. and Nordic Ch Kazar Olympia was BEST IN SHOW-3 at an all breed show in Oppdal (N).

Judges: Kresten Scheel and Libuse Ubrova


Photo by Arna Ulvund

Photo by Arna Ulvund

24.04  A great weekend for us! Ch Kazar Olympia went BEST IN SHOW at an all breed show in Sundalsøra (N) Judges: Ritva Raita and Frank Christiansen.


08.03 Read the big breeder portrait of Kazar in European Borzoi no 30 Winter-05


29.09 Kazar Qadir went BEST IN SHOW puppy at a show in Trondheim today (Nidaros Brukshundklubb)


28.08 Ch Kazar Oleg was BOB and BOG-2 in Trondheim (Owner: Susanne Strøm). Judge:  Anette Bystrøm

29.08 ch Kazar Petrusjka was BOB in Trondheim (Owner: Gro Skagseth). judge: Elke Peper

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