We proudly announce that our handsome young male;
BISS, Multi BIS, Ch Kazar Ural (Ali) is Borzoi of The Year 2012! 
Ali is third generation multi BIS winning borzoi from Kazar, as well as Borzoi of The Year (Borzoi Committee or Norwegian Sighthound Club lists)! 

Huge congratulations also to Ch Kazar Umba who went 3. on the list and Slava and Usalka, who went 6. and 7. (2,3 and bitches)!


CH Kazar Ural

CH Kazar Ural

13.10. At The Norwegian Kennel Club Show in Hamar, Multi BIS, BISS Kazar Ural went BOB and Group Winner! Judges were: Ann Ingram and Leif Ragnar Hjorth.

06.10. Ch Kazar Umba was Best of Breed at Letohallen under Nils Molin, Sweden.
Owner: Kristian Noreng, Knl Chillgiant Norway

09.10. On August 30. Multi ch Borscana Sonata Artica gave birth to three beautiful puppies after our BIS, BISS, Ch Kazar Ural. The lovely Milka was Sweden´s top winning borzoi in -09, -10 and -11! Breeders are The Borscana Kennels.

07.10. US ch Kazar Rubine went Best of Breed at Wright County K.C. under judge Tom Nesbitt

30.09.At the Swiss Coursing Mastership in Lotzwil Switzerland Ch Kazar Tara became 
Swiss Winner 2012!

06.09. Our beloved Ch Kazar Qadir and Ch Kazar Olympia in a photo of Preben Holst, shown at Trondheim Museum of Art, September 2012 

CH Kazar Ural

CH Kazar Ural

26.08. US Ch Kazar Rubine went Best of Breed at The St. Croix Valley K.C., judge Sulie Greendale-Paveza. Owner: Melanie Richards, knl Lythe, US.

Ali, Ch Kazar Ural have had another amazing show weekend! 
August 25th he went Best in Show-2 at Trondheim Dog Festival (all breed CAC show - 700 entries). Judges: Bjørg Foss and Laurent Pichard,
August 26th Ali went BEST IN SHOW at The Norwegian Sighthound Club of Mid Norway and also BEST IN SHOW at Trondheim Dog Festival!!!
Judges: Saija Juutilainen, Ligita Zake and Jochen Eberhardt. Owners: Kazar.

22.08 Yesterday our V-litter turned 4 weeks.

19.08. The Norwegian Borzoi Specialty in Drammen, judge Evelyn Kirsch (Ischymas Borzoi)
BIS, Nch Kazar Ural went BEST IN SHOW! Owner: Kazar.

11-12.08. Innsbruch, Austria: International and Swiss ch Kazar Sveta got the CAC both days and became Austrian Champion. Judges were Roland Spörr and Lisbeth Mach.
Owner: Martin Brügger, Switzerland.

28.07. CAC Show in Moss: Ch Kazar Umba went BOB and BOG-2 under judge Henrik Johanson, Sweden. Owner: Kristian Noreng.

28.07. The picture shows Tarijemiran´s F-litter at 16 months at the Finnish borzoi Specialty. 
They´ve had a tremendous success in the showring already!
Fejdor is a Moldovia, Cypros and Montenegro Champion
+ has 6 CACs in Finland and 2 CACIB (Moldova and Finland)
Finbabitzin is EE Jch
Furalin has 3 CACs
and finally Frederiza has 3 CACs and 1 CACIB.
In addition they have won BOBs, Group and Group placings!

CH Kazar Tara

CH Kazar Tara

24.07. This morning Ch Kazar Slava gave birth to 6 puppies (3+3). They are all strong and healthy, and coloured white with golden markings. Proud father is BIS Ch Kazar Ural. 

15.07. Rifferswil (Switzerland): Ch Kazar Tara went BOB under judge Agneta Kappers, Sweden.

12-13.07. Kazar Rubine had two Best of Breed wins -  at Duluth K.C. under Frank
Sabella and at Duluth K.C. under Jon Cole.
Owner: Melanie Richards, Knl Lythe, U.S.

07.07. Kazar Ustinov went BOB with CAC at Alfta, Sweden under judge Hannele Jokisilta, Finland. Owner: Enar Bergman (S)

CH Kazar Slava

CH Kazar Slava

01.07. The Norwegian Sighthound Club CAC Show in Trondheim:
Ch Kazar Ural BOB and BIS-2
Ch Kazar Slava BOS
Judges: Säde Hohteri, Finland and Nenne Runsten, Sweden

31.06. The Norwegian Kennelklub Int Show in Trondheim (N):
Ch Kazar Ural BOB, CACIB
Ch Kazar Slava BOS, CACIB
Judge: Lisbeth Campbell, Norway.

Kazar Ustinov

Kazar Ustinov

24.06 Ch Kazar Ural went BOB and BOG-2 today at a CAC show in Oppdal today under judge Lilliane De Ridder-Onghena, Belgium! Owner: Kazar Borzoi.

17.06. Kazar Ustinov was shown at Avesta (S) International CAC show and went BM-2 with CAC and res-CACIB! Judge: Matti Tuominen
Owner Enar Bergman, Sweden 

08.06. Am Ch Kazar Rubine was shown at the Greater Twin Cities Borzoi
Club Specialty and won Award of Merit!
Judge Gareth Morgan-Jones; shown by junior handler Emma.

On June 8th,Am Ch Kazar Rubine was shown at the Greater Twin Cities Borzoi
Club Specialty and won Award of Merit!
Judge Gareth Morgan-Jones; shown by junior handler Emma.

On June 8th,Am Ch Kazar Rubine was shown at the Greater Twin Cities Borzoi
Club Specialty and won Award of Merit!
Judge Gareth Morgan-Jones; shown by junio

CH Kazar Ural and Umba

CH Kazar Ural and Umba

27.05. The Norwegian Greyhound Club Show, Judge:Gilberto Grandi, Italy
BOS: Ch Kazar Slava
BM-2: Ch Kazar Ural

26.05. The Norwegian Sighthound Club Show, Jugde: Maria Gabriela Velga
BOB, BIS-4: Ch Kazar Ural
BM-4: Ch Kazar Uvar

BOS: Ch Kazar Umba
BB-2 Ch Kazar Slava
BB-3 Ch Kazar Usalka

BIS-3 Breeders Group : Ural, Umba, Usalka, Ulvar

CH Kazar Usalka and Ural

CH Kazar Usalka and Ural

27.05. Am Ch Kazar Rubine (Nina) was Best of Opposite under Judge Frank Sabella at Key City K.C. Minnesota for her first Grand Champion points.
Owner: Melanie Richards, Lythe Borzoi 

13.05 At the NKC Int Show in Lillesand Kazar Usalka and Ural went BOB and BOS, with CAC and CACIB. They both also gained their Norwegian Champion titles! 
Judge: Benny Blid Von Schedvin (S) Owner: Kazar

In Indianhead, Wisconsin K. Rubine went BOS under judge Karen Wilson. A great weekend for her, since she got her US title the day before! Owner: Melanie Richards, Lythe Borzoi, US.

Great news from the U.S.!
12.05. Kazar Rubine became American Champion! The show was in Indianhead in Wisconsin, judge Robert Stein
Ninas owner is Melanie Richards, Lythe Borzoi

28.04. Ch Kazar Umba went BOB at Letohallen near Oslo under judge Eli Marie Klepp.

11-12.02 Nuch Kazar Umba was shown in Letohallen near Oslo (N) last weekend  and went Best of Breed both days. Owner: Kristian Nordeng.
Judge on Saturday: Christian Jouanchicot,France.
Judge on Sunday: Bjørg Foss, Sweden.

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